Romy Low

Illusionette Romy Low adds charisma and sass to all of Leon's Illusion shows. With her fun and playful personality, vibrant red hair and undeniable talent, Romy is truly an irreplaceable member to the Magic Rocks team.

Illusionist Romy Low

Not only does Romy rock the stage performing illusions with Leon, she is also an established choreographer, having assisted numerous international Illusionists, and she designs all costuming for Magic Rocks. Born in Melbourne, Australia, Romy has learnt and performed a huge variety of dance and gymnastic disciplines. Classically trained, Romy was an Associate with The Royal Australian Ballet from the age of 8, dancing full time and training for performances, competitions and auditions. Romy retired as a ballerina at the age of 14 when she suffered a devastating dance injury.

Romy learning ballet at age 6.Romy learning Trapeze in Australia at age 8.Romy in Balanchine's Stars and Stripes in Australia at age 11.

Soon after recovering, Romy was scouted to join a gymnastics squad where she blossomed in the discipline of Gymnastic Aerobics. She traveled Australia as a member of the National Development Squad winning countless state and national championships. Romy never stopped dancing, mastering styles of Jazz, Contempory, hip-hop and Cheerleading. At 18 Romy was asked to travel to the USA where she taught and performed in the worlds largest youth circus with The French Woods Festival of Performing Arts. It is here while Romy was swinging from a trapeze that she met Leon, who quickly asked her to assist him in his Illusion Show!

Romy has worked creatively with Leon and his crew since 2005, moving permanently to the US in 2010.

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